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About Me

My occupation is a web administrator/web developer. I started programming since I was 13 or 14, writing IRC scripts to add onto my IRC client (lol). I've always had a passion for creating software and web applications, being constantly inspired with ideas at the workplace or at home which can improve efficiency and workflow. I am experienced with HTML, Javascript (and JQuery), CSS, XML, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, C. Most of my applications which utilize databases are created with MySQL or MSSQL. For CMS driven websites, I prefer CMSMS but have performed Drupal, DotNetNuke, and Shopify integrations.

About the website

Welcome to my humble website. Through the 6 years it has been up, it has gone from a basic static html website to a database driven website I built with Classic ASP and MySQL, and now CMSMS which uses PHP and MySQL. This website contains hardware and software applications I have created or found interesting.

About the content on this website

I do not intend to plagirize or post copyrighted materials. The pictures and information on the site were mostly created or written up by me. Under some circumstances I may post some information which isn't. In this situation, I will always attempt to give proper recognition and provide a link to the material.

About the files on this website

The downloads I have available on my siteare believed  to be free. If this is not the case, then by all means please inform me so that I may remove the material/information.

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