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Internet Web Based Services

DNS Stuff - Provides domain name, DNS lookup services. and plenty other internet identification services

DNS Report - Another domain name lookup service

Domain Dossier - Investigate domains and IP addresses - Free Dynamic DNS server

Can you see me - Open port checker

Alexa - Check website ranking in hits, and shows records of traffic graphs.

YouSendIt - Free File Sharing, mainly for large file transfers through email. Currently at 100MB maximum per file.

Trend Micro HouseCall - Free JAVA based or browser plugin virus and spyware scanner.

Virustotal - Check a file with all of the well known virus scanner applications simultaneously

IP Chicken - Check your IP address, remote port, and your mask. - Universal Currency Converter

Flesh - Free image hosting, good for forum image posting

IRC Search Engine

Outervision eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

Journey Systems Power Supply Calculator

Lorem Ipsum - Dummy text generator for printing and design purposes

Speedtest - Check your internet bandwidth. Built to post the results on forums

AltaVista Babel Fish - Web based translation engine

Computer Forums

Futuremark Forum

Mp3Car Forum

VIA Arena Forum

Google Groups - Windows Embedded

Windows For Devices


Toms's Hardware Guide

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